Ngilima Primary School

The Ngilima Primary School was closed for about five years and was reopened in early 2018 due to the occupation of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in the area.

The RainShine Foundation commenced a project in 2021 to replace the 6 grass hut classrooms with a comfortable and safe learning environment made of bricks, hardwood and tin.

A Ngilma classroom 2020

The first stage of the project successfully produced 21,000 bricks manufactered by workers in the local community. These bricks are now being used in the construction of two school blocks. Each block will house 3 classrooms and accommodate around 300 students.

The second stage is well underway with the construction of the 1st school building holding 3 classrooms. The walls of the building have been completed and we are now ready to raise the roof onto the building. Here are some photos showing the progress that has been made since April 2022.

Please donate to our project and help our children have a comfortable learning environment for improved educational outcomes at Ngilima primary school by entering your contribution below.
For Australian residents your donation of $2 and over is tax deductable. This is what your contribution will give towards building the Ngilima primary school in durable materials. All amounts are in AUD.

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