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Help us to level the playing field for these children by giving them a comfortable, warm, and safe environment to learn in by donating here.


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For as long as the Ngilima primary school has existed teaching is conducted in grass huts. In late 2020 we started the building of a primary school for Ngilima village, Haut Uélé province, DR Congo in hardwood timber, tin, and bricks. We are building 2 classroom blocks which will contain 3 classrooms, in total we will have 6 classrooms. 2 latrines will also be built. 

You can read more information on the project here

We are getting close to completing the 1st classroom block – we still need to put linnig inside the classrooms, cement floors, doors and windows, gutters – we NEED your Help to get the Ngilima children into their classrooms in 2022.

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