Current Projects

Ngilima Primary School

The Ngilima Primary School was closed for about five years and only reopened in early 2018 due to the occupation of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in the area. The Ngilima Teacher's Committee approached RainShine to provide financial assistance to rebuild their school in sustainable materials, i.e. hardwood, tin and ...
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Access to Education and Health care

Primary school children Dungu 2011 Education teaches us to write, read, think, and achieve. 3.5 million school age children do not attend school in DRCongo. 2.75 million of those children live in rural areas. And 41% of Congolese girls aged 5 -17 years old are working and only 36% of ...
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A Place to Land

How do we currently travel to the Epi and Mamili primary schools? The answer is by car, plane, and motobike. The last 70 kilometers between Amadi and the schools must be done by motorbike as the roads are very difficult to transverse by a 4 x 4 vehicle for 9 ...
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