Our Team

Our team is an an eclectic group of people who joined together to form the RainShine Foundation. We are a small international charity that punches well above its weight to deliver programmes that make a difference to people’s lives.

Australian Executive Team

President – Mrs Louise Marsden

On her return to Australia Louise was committed to starting RainShine Australia so that we could encourage people in this part of the world to become involved in our projects in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Louise started her involvement with RainShine Australia as a volunteer. She traveled to Democratic Republic of Congo in 2018 as part of the Turn the Lights On Project. Louise and her husband Marty were trained by Solar Now in Uganda on how to install a 500 Watt Solar System. This project was completed successfully.

Louise brings her years of experience in President roles for local clubs and associations to RainShine Australia. Currently she also holds the position of Secretary for RainShine USA.

General Secretary and Treasurer – Ms Ethel Blair

Ethel has been involved in projects in Democratic Republic of Congo since 2012.

She was previously employed by ABB Enterprise Software as a Program Manager. And prior to this she worked in a private software engineering company as a project manager, and as a software engineer in Queensland Treasury.

Her responsibilities in RainShine Australia are corporate policies, contract management, and delivering our programs and projects in DRCongo. Ethel is regularly in Uganda and DRCongo to manage our projects and liaise with our Congolese team.
She is committed to ensuring our programs deliver improved access to education for children living in remote areas of DRCongo. Currently she also holds the role of President RainShine USA.

Vice-President – Mr Mike Cave

Mike became involved with our work in RainShine through his involvement with Basenjis. After Louise and Ethel returned from DRCongo in 2018 he became very interested in our work and wanted to assist us to start RainShine Australia. He is committed to ensuring that RainShine can successfully deliver its mission. Mike brings his many years of experience working in the Australian Bureau of Statistics to RainShine.

Democratic Republic of Congo Team

Program Administrator – Abbé Jean de Dieu Mimbugbe, Dungu

Jean de Dieu has worked in the Dungu-Doruma diocese for many years. In addition to being a priest he also holds the position of Chancelier for the Catholic diocese.

He has extensive experience working on various projects with Invisible Children, USAID and Caritas. He was also a reference facilitator for the Dungu Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) program.

Jean has worked for RainShine since 2015 as our Administrator for our programs in DRCongo.

Project Liason – Father Robert Batikote, Dungu

Father Robert is involved with our RainShine projects in DRCongo, specifically he is our liason with Invisible Children DRCongo for our Talk to Us Project and also with the Buta local authorities.

Project Liason – Father Nicolas Meya TAKIS, Amadi

Father Nicolas is involved with our RainShine projects in DRCongo, specifically he is the project manager for our Desks for Learning project.

Swedish Team

Team Leader – Maria Löwbeer

Maria and her team in Sweden were the original supporters of the Epi Primary school for many years during the John Valk era prior to the commencement of RainShine USA/Australia. Maria works tirelessly to raise funds for Epi and Mamili primary schools. She visited Haut-Uélé in 2008.

USA Team

Treasurer – Robert Freedman

Rob holds a bachelor of arts degree in politics from Loyola University in Chicago and a master’s degree in teaching from National Louis University. Rob has over 15 years of experience in marketing and public relations. He was one of the co-founders of the RainShine Foundation USA. Rob is driven by his passion for social justice and the belief that access to education is fundamental to a community and for a country to develop.

Director – Marty Jensen

Marty has over 35 years of business development and management experience in the financial services industry. His expeirence covers a broad range of products and services dealing with multi-disciplinary, comprehensive wealth management programs. Marty served as a Director of Philanthropy and Development for Northern Nevada. His passions include assisting others in developing their legacy and philanthropic based ventures.

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