20 Thousand Bricks

When we started working with the Epi primary school in 2012 one our first long-term goals we wanted to achieve was to replace the current school classroom huts with school buildings made from brick, hardwood timber, and tin. At the time this goal was way beyond our resource capability, so we decided to work towards the goal by starting the 10,000 Brick project.

Brick making Epi village 2018

We fell short of our goal of 10,000 bricks by 4,000 due to funding difficulties at the time. However in 2018 we re-invigorated the project by forming a local Brick Committee in the village to manage the work and we also provided new funding. During 2018 over 10,000 were made. This project has been completed.

Brick firing in Epi DRCongo in late 2018

We now have 20,000 bricks for our future construction work. A small number of those will be used to build a room to store our equipment for the High Frequency radio, and the remainder will be used in the future construction of the new classrooms.

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