A Place to Land

How do we currently travel to the Epi and Mamili primary schools? The answer is by car, plane, and motobike. The last 70 kilometers between Amadi and the schools must be done by motorbike as the roads are very difficult to transverse by a 4 x 4 vehicle for 9 months out of 12 months due to the rains in Africa, and secondly finding a 4 x 4 vehicle in the area of the schools is almost impossible. The local chief of the Epi Village recently provided land to RainShine to build an airstrip similar to the one currently located at Amadi. This project is currently in the planning phase. The Epi people have cleared the land, and RainShine is liasing with an airport engineer and seeking local Government approval to commence work. RainShine Australia is seeking funding for this project.

Closest airstrip to Epi and Mamili Primary schools is at Amadi 70 kms away

And airstrip will make it easier for Rainshine people to visit the school and to transport equipment for our projects. The provision of an airstrip will also make it easier for officials to visit the school. Recently we had to put a Government school assessor on a motorbike to ride 400 kms to the school.

In 2020 when RainShine field workers were visiting Epi and Mamili they were involved in a couple of medical emergencies. Good fortune was upon us and our intervenion save two people’s lives. Currenly once you go into Epi and Mamili you need to be healthy enough to get out of these areas to get assistance. Due to these two incidences RainShine is now funding a doctor to travel three times a year to run a clinic in these villages.

Loading the plane in Dungu to take our solar equipment to the Epi primary school 2018

Help the people of Kembisa sector have fly in and fly out access for emergencies

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Rooms for Learning

With the successful conclusion of our 20,000 brick project we are now in the planning phase to build 6 classrooms, a headmaster’s office, and 2 latrines. Depending on funding for this project, it will be implemented in two stages, the first stage will include the building of 3 classrooms and two latrines, and then the second stage will include the construction of the remaining 3 classrooms and the headmaster office with an extra classroom. RainShine Australia is currently seeking funding for this project.

And Epi Primary School classroom in 2019

The current classrooms are small and over crowded and are in a dilapidated condition. Each year thatched roofs need to be replaced. White ants eat the softwood structures used in the classrooms. And because it rains for 10 months out of a year the mud walls of the classrooms are eroded away.

This project will rebuild the 6 classrooms and other supporting buildings in brick, hard wood, and tin to provide a more secure, comfortable, and a more spacious environment for learning.

Our estimate to build 2 blocks containing 3 classrooms in each block, which will provide a total of 6 classrooms, 2 latrines, and 1 headmaster’s office with an overflow classroom is $70,000 AUD.

If you would like to contribute to the Rooms for Learning project, then please donate below or here is a link to our fundraising campaign for this project

Architectural plan for new classrooms at Epi DRCongo

Help our children achieve a comfortable learning environment for improved educational outcomes.

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RainShine Australia uses Stripe a secure payment system. For more information: https://www.stripe.com/

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